Monday, January 30, 2017

AMAZING SAUCE NEWS I guess I had received an email last week that I did not get!! Ugh, darn emails

Anywho!!! I am going to be a #skirtsports ambassador! I mean how amazing is that?! I get to encourage others with something I already do. Plus will keep my own self more accountable for what I want to do within my life. It is the best ever. That the lovely ladies of Skirt Sports selected me (and a few others I am sure) is just amazing.

To help represent a company that is all about encouraging women in whatever goal they are in.  No matter the size, to just lead a healthy to you life! I just emailed back tonight that I would so love to do this after receiving that second email of course because the first I just didn't see for some reason. Maybe I accidentally deleted it (GASP)! Knowing me though it is likely.

So here is to full schedules, some hella training to come my way! Run preparedness is already underway for my first half this year at the runDisney Princess! I even managed to run 6 miles today in under an hour and half! Super doubly excited now! Looking for the perfect running skirt for this run! February in Florida...slightly chilly but not too bad.

This was just a short post to share in all my excitment! Lets be happy and run! 💪💖💖💗😍🏃🏃🏃💕💖💕💖💗 Be fantastic in all you do!

Fierce Forward (as Ashley Johns would say) Because she is simply amazaing as well!

Seriously though, I hear these skirts are pretty amazing! 
Check these bad boys -er girls 😉 out!

Enjoy until my next blog...running or books....I think I am do a few book reviews.

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