Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yes I am one of those ladies, who could probably cry at the drop of a hat LOL. Went a little over board today I am sure as have wound up with a head ache. Key note if you wind up ever getting divorced be sure at least on the same continent. Not being able to talk to my daughter as much is not one of the funnest things out there. In turn at times she is feeling like I don't want to talk to her or not. Which is not the case. She is my number one person out there.

This week has had many things happening. Have applied for quite a few jobs but also have started considering the prospect of re-enlisting to start reaching my goals. but with that comes even less communication. And means that she will eventually probably get more time with not only her father but fathers I guess for lack of better term who he now considers to be his wife. Because we all know that currently still the mistress here LOL.

Makes you feel just a little further apart. Its not a great feeling but still I am trying to take those steps back and a breather. I don't want to lose kid or the friendship had with husband still contemplating the friendship with the new "wife". Once breath at a time is all that anyone can do right?!

But anyways in my jump around skip about way....Looking for jobs still, contemplating the Army or Navy and helping out sister-friend with things she has going on here. Like we just created a couple of Mommy and Me gift baskets for a huge cheer and football raffle to be done towards the end of the season. Will see what this next week shall bring.

Mean while I may not being talking to soon to be ex a lot but that doesn't stop you from loving them. It hurts each day to know that you are no longer able to make them happy and have gone on to another. To me at times its like not quite good enough but then I must remember different people I am good enough or I wouldn't be on this earth. Need to keep repeating that in my head and move on and put myself out there and make decisions that are good for me. Easier said than done.

Just keep breathing

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Looking Back

Now I know my husband (soon to be ex, must get that ingrained) and I have agreed that we are divorcing on the grounds we don't want to hate each other and our differences have just become to great...Got that! But while you are still married you don't go find another and still stay with the current one. I don't care if they are a country apart...You make an effort to see them twice while still married doesn't make the current wife, who is now feeling like the mistress, yet can't make things work?

I have done my best to approach everything from a good stand. I do not want our little girl hurt in any of this more that she already is.  I want her to not have to worry about struggling or getting mad at the other parent. That can be so frustrating as a parent. So many of those divorcing hate each other and take it out with the kids. Please if you are getting a divorce don't let the kids suffer for it. Try to see beyond all differences and keep the fighting between you and that significant other at the time. Don't let the kids suffer through it, unless of course there is abuse(that's a whole other situation).

No crafting going on currently. All my stuff is being sent from over seas. Trying so hard to find a job instead. Allora!!! Getting back into the work force is not easy what so ever. Might be getting few scrapbook things this weekend from neighbor to my sister's house, so that could be interesting :)

Little note before I get off for the day, if any frustration or aggression go, go workout, walk, bike, something that will make your mind unwind and clear things up for you to think more clearly while you go through everything in your life.

That Other Women ;)