Monday, November 14, 2016


Rebooting the blog. I may eventually at one point be able to write a witty blog post about something or other. However, who am I kidding?! My English and grammar are not the best out there. Plus I am an OCD chaotic mess most of the time.

I can just babble on and on though until you either are so intrigued or bored you will wait with anticipation or go to the next blog. This brandyrosecreations blog, started off as one thing and is just spiraled pretty much into whatever I feel like talking about. So, I guess it's pretty much the creation of my life and whatever I make or glean from it.

This morning I finished a book that I just wasn't all that impressed with from the beginning. If you know anything about me you know I am rarely without a book or Kindle now. My favorite genres are paranormal romance and syfy/fantasy. We know the basic story line strong alpha male with a female character that may be strong or at least getting there right!?

Well we have a what we call an alpha billionaire contemporary romance that's quite popular now. I think with these its going to be about the writers style. Shattered body by Mary Jane was decent, but I just couldn't get into this one fully. I mean I get alpha and all but if you don't like someone then don't be going with them. There maybe others out there that will like this I say go ahead and read it. Make up your own mind. I would say maybe 2 book reading out of 5. that's instead of stars hehehe. It's how I roll. That's why we have choices.

Hopefully you weren't to bored with a little peek into what I am currently doing or reading in this great wide world of ours. I encourage you to do what makes you happy and follow your heart and faith towards that end. Live with a fierce faith!
Wonderfully yours,