Tuesday, October 15, 2013


     Several weeks and still jobless. I keep my outlook on the bright-side though, and with couple interviews lined up, things may have that brighter outlook.

     Another bright spot on the horizon is finally my HHG (house hold goods) will be delivered in just a few short days (insert big happy dance here).  More clothes finally (haha) and I can get crafty relatively soon.  Not quite immediately but you get my drift.

     As for all else.....There are 31 days until I see my fun, loving, punky girl, can't wait!!!!!! Miss her so terribly much.  All our cuddles and hugs and crafty times together.  Still can't do on just a whim of course. Since she will be residing with her dad, but I will be stoked when I can see her.

     As for the whole caboodle with my one day to be EX....(big ole sigh) its frustrating. LOL  He encourages me in most all I do i.e. finding job, working out, etc. However there is no other support coming from him as of yet, we will see what happens once the final word of divorce is given.  I am thinking he wants me to figure everything out first on my own two feet or some crazy idea like that...who knows but he himself.  Divorce sucks when sill love the other person, it is not an easy concept to accept and move forward on just like that.  Congrats you have moved on but there's those of us still on the back burner waiting to see where we are really suppose to conform into these new situations and standards we have set.

     Patience is difficult at the best of times let alone when feeling like the tother woman on the outside looking in.  So take the following quote into consideration....

and strive to be an only for someone and live to your fullest.

     Its gonna be terrifying and you may even get apprehensive, but don't let it stop you.  Chase those dreams and find someone where you both will be each others ONLY!!

Patiently finding my dreams and only!