Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Other Woman

So ever get that low feeling down in your gut that you are the other woman? I have on few occasions lately. Being the other woman is not what its cracked up to be is it ladies??!! It goes double for when you are actually the wife!! 

Yes I said it. I am the other woman but yet I am the one married. Didn't even really find out till after we said were going to get a divorce. We say it's because we don't want to hate each other down the road and the fighting needs to stop. But to me that just isn't quite meshing completely still. Will see if it gets through in another few months.

Yes this Blog is having many transformations and its going to go through one more. I am keeping up the crafty part because we all know that I love it :) But also the whole blog has been deleted and now I am starting over. Must start from the basics just as I am doing now.  So here in the future there will be additions to all that wonderful craftiness, but along with it I shall talk of being that other woman and see if I can get it worked out in my head how things should be. 

Oh but lets not forget that during this process I have no job, pretty much no college and no 'real' home of my own. Considering I have been a stay at home mom for quite some time and last almost two years on the other side of the world. I have just moved back to the states and living with my sister currently. I have some support but there is only so much they can do for you, if you know what I mean.

But this little girly below is who I am going to survive and achieve all I can for not just my self. She is actually wearing one of my recent accomplishments :) I created a hat from crotchet. If you only knew what it took LOL 
Crocheting is one of those things tried to learn early in life and didn't take, now it does. This will be one of those things for busy work in the quite hours when not working or going to college when she is at her dads that I shall be creating. Next to tackle is a scarf to match.

Next week on this wonderful blogging world will continue the story of being that other woman and how I am dealing with it all. Maybe I am just venting (but need it) or maybe just maybe I can help someone else out there that maybe in similar situation. To all the Other Women out there I know how you feel.