Sunday, February 11, 2018


That's right the title says it all! I truly meant to start posting when I initially signed up and start my journey from there. However, we know that I am terrible at this whole communication to dedicated writing. I mean really who wants to hear a small town girls story or probs?! Alright in this instance no probs just pure crazy fun!!
Ragnar Prepping in my Jette

Night Run prep
I Jumped on the crazy train and joined up with a bunch of other ladies who run in skirst as well! To be part of a team in the SouthBeach Ragnar Relay Race. There has been some glitches here and there with getting team settled but, we now have 11 ladies and one gent on the team. I think That just about everything is reserved. Just working on kinks of volunteers.

Training for me has been a little odd. I think I may just actually be about ready for a race for once!! Say it isn't so! I have been inspired by so many lately, that I keep pushing myself and I am loving it more and more. Fitness has truly become something I care deeply about and is more a part of me every day. Wish I had realized this years ago and just maybe certain things would be different now.

You know such things as believing in oneself and that you can push any limit if you put your heart and mind into it. That little bit came from watching the documentary Breaking2 where a few marathon men tried to break the sub 2 hour marathon. Eliud Kipchoge! What amazing inspiring people out there!

These next few photos are some very inspiring women and the gent (who made it all look so easy). Went from complete strangers supporting each other on our crazy adventure to van mates to fantastic best run buddies a person could have!
THE BIB for our 200 ish miles!

The Ragnar start Line! How cool was this epic adventure!
Th Big Blue Bus and grey one, is all Decked out and looking great for our massive little-sleep-run-til your legs die adventure.

Two vans, one team let the feet pound the ground and get in your zone!
 Front Row: Billie, JP, Sarah L., Ursula
2nd Row: Donna, Siri, Renea, Yvonne, Stacy, Sarah Kate, Becca
Back: Little ole me. Not sure how it happened. Some how I said oh here I will straddle between the vans! Great start to the adventure.

Van #2
Left to right: Sarah L., Me(Brandy), Stacy, Sarah Kate, Yvonne, and Ursula
Van #1
Left to right: Billie, Renea, JP, Siri, Donna, and Becca

These fantastic people were great to run with. I do have more to say about this adventure! Most importantly I would do this all again. Just let me get into better running shape first! HaHa This all just touches on what we went through! Want to keep with my resolutions, but that isn't the word I want to use as I want to mean more, of writing more on lifes adventures and to do more out there in the world! So thank you for these wonderful times!

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Over the last year or so I have discovered running skirts. Most I am sure find this a little odd. I find it fantastic. My bum is covered and I go for the ones with built in shorts. They keep the chafing away plus if happen to be in my klutz state.... Well then I am not flashing any boring or pretty panties to the world.

Because I believe that we should have freedom to move how and in what we choose to wear I was able to be accepted as a skirt sports ambassador. If you remember me mentioning anything about that recently. Yes I know I do not get on here enough at times to relay what is happening in my world from running to crafting and everything in between. Trying to switch that up a bit, somehow, it will be done. 

The next chapter I have going on is to prepare for some awesomeness heading my way. I was able to get on a team with some ladies (nope haven't met any of them yet) for a Ragnar relay race! Yep I know everyone at work thinks I may be a little crazy. Just go with it folks it's how I roll at times. This however means I need to get off my bum and start some training as I will probably want to do another half in there too. 

Meanwhile if you so desire to learn a bit more about running skirts or see if perhaps you may like them or not...they do have tights as well. Go checkout skirt and use the promo code below for a small discount.


Monday, January 30, 2017

AMAZING SAUCE NEWS I guess I had received an email last week that I did not get!! Ugh, darn emails

Anywho!!! I am going to be a #skirtsports ambassador! I mean how amazing is that?! I get to encourage others with something I already do. Plus will keep my own self more accountable for what I want to do within my life. It is the best ever. That the lovely ladies of Skirt Sports selected me (and a few others I am sure) is just amazing.

To help represent a company that is all about encouraging women in whatever goal they are in.  No matter the size, to just lead a healthy to you life! I just emailed back tonight that I would so love to do this after receiving that second email of course because the first I just didn't see for some reason. Maybe I accidentally deleted it (GASP)! Knowing me though it is likely.

So here is to full schedules, some hella training to come my way! Run preparedness is already underway for my first half this year at the runDisney Princess! I even managed to run 6 miles today in under an hour and half! Super doubly excited now! Looking for the perfect running skirt for this run! February in Florida...slightly chilly but not too bad.

This was just a short post to share in all my excitment! Lets be happy and run! 💪💖💖💗😍🏃🏃🏃💕💖💕💖💗 Be fantastic in all you do!

Fierce Forward (as Ashley Johns would say) Because she is simply amazaing as well!

Seriously though, I hear these skirts are pretty amazing! 
Check these bad boys -er girls 😉 out!

Enjoy until my next blog...running or books....I think I am do a few book reviews.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Oh My Goodness! It's already the 10th of January. It is also official that I am another year older as of this past Sunday the 8th. My how time flies. Any ways I wanted to just put in a quick review of one book I have read recently this holiday season.

It is Taken by Laxmi Hariharan. Her name is a bit of a mouth full, but her book oh my goodness!

Taken (Many Lives Book 2) by [Hariharan, Laxmi]

I mean with this image alone, of sexy man candy. Granted I jumped right in on book two and completely missed book one, you can still follow along with no problems. That is a plus even if I am one of those who loves reading a series in order. But you go with what you can.

A post apocalyptic dystopian styled read. A different spin on the shifter world. Where shifters are not fully animal or human but looking as somewhere in the middle. This is definitely falling under the SciFi/Fantasy realm with just a touch of romance (hey we must keep things interesting right).

I do believe you need to join this new India, Bombay world and New London and see what some refugees are up to. You can find yourself a copy of this book HERE!! Please don't get taken by these shifters they are among the lower ranking and not what we want to be, trust me. Enjoy! Several more reviews to come my people!

Monday, December 12, 2016


I truly thought this was posted already...OOPS Well lets get it out there NOW

So in-between working, the dentist and that little holiday that just passed (Thanksgiving); I finally managed to finish my advanced readers copy or ARC.

This little jem is Ares! The first in a new series by Felicity Heaton. Will be her Guardians of Hades series. About seven gods born to Hades and Persephone. Just imagine seven hot gods all brothers... getting a little hot in the room yet?!

Ares starts off action paced and cares you through to the end. Felicity does not disappoint in the romance either. Just the right touch is happening between Ares, yes named for his uncle, and Megan. These two will take you along on their ride and keep it all nice and fiery hot.

This series is sure to be a smashing hit. The first in the series is to be found here right in this link! Also you may find on Amazon here!

Can't wait to see what the other six brothers have in store for us paranormal romance readers!! I may be a little late with this but at least I am finally getting it all out there. So check out Felicity's page and head over and get yourself a copy!

Monday, November 14, 2016


Rebooting the blog. I may eventually at one point be able to write a witty blog post about something or other. However, who am I kidding?! My English and grammar are not the best out there. Plus I am an OCD chaotic mess most of the time.

I can just babble on and on though until you either are so intrigued or bored you will wait with anticipation or go to the next blog. This brandyrosecreations blog, started off as one thing and is just spiraled pretty much into whatever I feel like talking about. So, I guess it's pretty much the creation of my life and whatever I make or glean from it.

This morning I finished a book that I just wasn't all that impressed with from the beginning. If you know anything about me you know I am rarely without a book or Kindle now. My favorite genres are paranormal romance and syfy/fantasy. We know the basic story line strong alpha male with a female character that may be strong or at least getting there right!?

Well we have a what we call an alpha billionaire contemporary romance that's quite popular now. I think with these its going to be about the writers style. Shattered body by Mary Jane was decent, but I just couldn't get into this one fully. I mean I get alpha and all but if you don't like someone then don't be going with them. There maybe others out there that will like this I say go ahead and read it. Make up your own mind. I would say maybe 2 book reading out of 5. that's instead of stars hehehe. It's how I roll. That's why we have choices.

Hopefully you weren't to bored with a little peek into what I am currently doing or reading in this great wide world of ours. I encourage you to do what makes you happy and follow your heart and faith towards that end. Live with a fierce faith!
Wonderfully yours,

Friday, January 9, 2015


Yes it's another year for me and I still haven't been able to maintain this darn blog of mine. I am now 35 years old, yep that's right I am in my mid-thirties. Holy cow bat man. Haha just not good at typing. Love writing in my journal though. Lots happens in my world and I go through it one day at a time. How others in the world manage to blog is beyond me I am just not all that great. Maybe will just do pics maybe will be better at that haha

My girl! Last morning with her before she went back to her dad. 

Charlee and cameron

SL, Allison, Lauren Moody, TJ(Tammy Jo)

Some great people I work with!
That's it for this birthday girl. Will strive to improve all I do.