Sunday, April 23, 2017


Over the last year or so I have discovered running skirts. Most I am sure find this a little odd. I find it fantastic. My bum is covered and I go for the ones with built in shorts. They keep the chafing away plus if happen to be in my klutz state.... Well then I am not flashing any boring or pretty panties to the world.

Because I believe that we should have freedom to move how and in what we choose to wear I was able to be accepted as a skirt sports ambassador. If you remember me mentioning anything about that recently. Yes I know I do not get on here enough at times to relay what is happening in my world from running to crafting and everything in between. Trying to switch that up a bit, somehow, it will be done. 

The next chapter I have going on is to prepare for some awesomeness heading my way. I was able to get on a team with some ladies (nope haven't met any of them yet) for a Ragnar relay race! Yep I know everyone at work thinks I may be a little crazy. Just go with it folks it's how I roll at times. This however means I need to get off my bum and start some training as I will probably want to do another half in there too. 

Meanwhile if you so desire to learn a bit more about running skirts or see if perhaps you may like them or not...they do have tights as well. Go checkout skirt and use the promo code below for a small discount.