Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Time


Hard to believe that there is only a week till Christmas!  Between work, getting ready for holiday, and making cards time just flew by. I have few picks of those to share with you, I think they came out rather cute 😍 I get to send them all out too lol. That is rare occurrence at times for me. I am such a procrastinator at times. Hehe hehe

This bunch for Mama Rita.

Christmas in the air.

Calling these my Winter Wonderland's.

I am eventually going to start building up stacks of cards and selling them one day on etsy or something.  I love making cards! And now to clue ya in on what has been going on in my world.....

I am excited as well just got my car back from shop.  And just so you know I am doing all of this with out the help from my ex husband. I shouldn't have to ask for him to help me out when he said he would. This is getting ridiculous, but at least I know I am starting to stand on my own two feet with out him. So yes ladies it can be done. 

With patience, forgiveness, and love of family and friends life does go on. It is not my fault that he cheated, that is on him. Says he can't deal with how I do things that's him as well, he went and through 15 years out the door on someone else. And he can step up to that plate (think he has a little, but not completely). Especially since he isn't helping me out at all. I got it. Stand on my own two feet, but I have not worked in years been staying home with/for the family. I don't make near the amount of money he does some help would be nice, but not gonna beg for it.

So there is my vent for that for this next couple weeks. On a really bright note get my lovely daughter for the Holidays. So excited miss her so much. Not having her around is really hard. But we are coping. So will leave you with this pic of my pretty little car haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

My cruzen car haha

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